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Committees Bel-Air Heights neighborhood committees
Welcome Committee
Contact: Carol Wagner, Chair: 913-383-9357
Members: Karen Dryden (, Lydia Marien (, Rebecca Roth (,
Mission: Provide a warm welcome to the newest members of the subdivision and make available the essential information needed in order to make their transition into the community go as smoothly as possible.
Social Committee
Contact: Carol Wagner, Chair: 913-383-9357
Members: Karen Dryden (, Peggy Fisher (, Brenda Fishman (, Carol Kelly (, Pat Lodge (, Becky Newkirk (, Rebecca Roth (,
Mission: This committee is responsible for organizing any social events that occur within the Bel-Air Heights community, to which all Bel-Air Heights homeowners are invited.
Communication & Website Committee
Contact: Jakob Waterborg  Webmaster: 913-649-2223
Members: Mathew Akers  Assistant Webmaster (, Kevin Hammers (,
Mission: Work with the HOA Board to inform, engage, and educate residents regarding issues important to their understanding of, and participation in, the neighborhood while promoting and maintaining positive lines of communication with Bel-Air Heights residents. All communications are subject to Board review.
Neighborhood Watch Committee
Contact: Ann Bohrn, Chair: 913-888-4545
Members: Lori Fielder (, Dan Horowitz (, Carol Kelly (, Gina Malashock (, Joe Nesselhuf (, Jakob Waterborg (,
Mission: Develop safety procedures and crime prevention and awareness programs for the benefit of the community.
Bel-Air Heights upholds a high quality of living through its neighborly acts of awareness and safety.
We want to promote a safe environment for both children and adults to fully enjoy the spaces our community has to offer.
Please feel free to reach out to our committee chairman about any potential threats or concerns, as we strive to maintain a calm environment in Bel-Air Heights.