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The HOA TRASH CONTRACT: Useful Information
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 Next One Bulky Item pickup  Tuesday March 20, 2018
Question: How is Trash collected in Bel-Air Heights?
Answer: The HOA offers to residences of the Bel-Air Heights and Rolling Hills neighborhood as part of its HOA dues trash collection services at a very favorable rate.
As a result, almost every residence in the neighborhood is a member of the HOA.
      A few home owners elect private contracts costing from $270 to $360+ per year.
The HOA re-bid the trash contract with Deffenbaugh, now Waste Management, for 2016.
The Board negotiated and signed a new 5-year Trash Disposal Service contract per April 2016 that has allowed a 10% reduction in the HOA dues to $180 per year per April 1, 2016.
The 3% contractual increase resulted in 2017-2018 HOA dues of $185 per year.
Question: What Trash Disposal Services are included?
  • Weekly service on Tuesday morning during all 12 months of the year;
    (For holiday schedule, see Deffenbaugh website)
  • Trash pickup in Deffenbaugh green carts (65 gal standard) (no loose bags allowed);
  • Recycling pickup of allowed materials in Deffenbaugh green cart with yellow top;
  • Yard waste pickup in paper bags or bundled (or containers labeled 'Yard Waste').
    Please, place your trash carts at the curb and space them apart so that the automatic truck arms can pick them up without the need for drivers to exit their truck.
  • Quarterly "One Bulky Item" pickup (for details and dates: see below)
Question: Who do I contact if my trash is not collected?
Answer: Phone 913-631-3300 and provide your address.
OR: email
Note that you canNOT use the '' site because as a resident who has the trash service through the HOA, you do not have a "WM ezpay account number".
Question: When may I place trash carts at the curb? When must I remove empty trash carts?
Answer: Overland Park City Ordinance specifies the time that trash containers may be at the curb.
    7.36.180 Solid Waste and Recycling Containers.
  • C. No Owner or occupant of any Dwelling Unit with individual Solid Waste and recycling service shall place any Solid Waste (including bundles of Yard Waste), Recyclables or Solid Waste or Recycling Containers in front of the front building setback or existing building line or in the public right-of-way more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled Collection.
  • G. All Solid Waste and Recycling Containers, whether or not containing Solid Waste or Recyclables, shall, at all times other than when placed out for Collection within the allowable Collection time period, be screened from view from any public right-of-way or adjoining property and located behind the existing building line.
Thus: place carts at the curb within 24 hrs of scheduled pickup;
And: remove carts from the curb within 24 hrs after the trash has been collected,
         and place them out-of-sight behind the building line.
Question: When is the "One BULKY ITEM" pickup? What will be collected? What is unacceptable?
Answer: One bulky item is picked up on: Tu March 20; Tu June 19; Tu September 18; Tu December 18, 2018. (Pickup is done by a separate, rear-load truck.)
  • Item must be able to be lifted by 2 men (and max 100 lbs);
  • Items over 6 feet must be cut in half; otherwise max 4 x 4 feet.
    Allowed items include:
  • Electronics and Furniture;
  • Carpet, rolled and tied with rope [not metal wire) up to 4 ft long and 18 in diameter;
  • Appliances (doors MUST be secured shut; NO FREON allowed);
  • Basketball goal (cut in half and concrete removed);
  • BBQ Grill (propane tank removed);
  • Push grassmower (gas and oil removed);
  • 2 tires (together will be considered One item; must be without rims).
    Unacceptable items include:
  • Freon-containing items;
  • Hazardouse Waste materials (Options: see Deffenbaugh's FAQ listing);
  • Remodeling and Construction debris (For disposal, see Deffenbaugh 'Landfill');
  • Additional bags of household trash or Yard waste.
  • Question: Where can I RECYCLE or DISPOSE-OF other WASTE that is not collectable?
    Answer: A general answer for RECYCLABLES: look at the website which lists sites for many different types of (recyclable) trash such as styrofoam, shredded paper, packing foam or clothes.
    Known Recycling Extravaganza events for all kind of recyclables including electronics will be listed on the Calendar page.
    Some known local options for specific recyclables:
  • Glass: Deposit in the Ripple Glass container on the WholeFoods parking lot.
  • Hazardous Waste: by appointment only through at the free JoCo drop-off site for household and hazardous waste near Mission (I35/Lamar): 5901 Jim Bills Road, Mission KS
  • Lead batteries: are always accepted at any Auto Parts store.
  • Thin plastic grocery bags are accepted at many grocery and Walmart stores.
  • CFOs (compact fluorescent bulbs but not tubes) are accepted by Lowe's stores.
  • Mattresses: Donate for use or recycling to Sleepyhead Beds, or to Kansas City Avenue of Life on 500 N 7th Street Trfy in Kansas City, KS 66101.
  • Medicines, excess and expired: 'Drug Take Back' at the Antioch Police Station (the Myron E. Scafe Building), 8500 Antioch Drive, Overland Park KS or at the Sanders Justice Center, 12400 Foster Street, Overland Park, KS (Mo-Fr 9am-4pm).

    NON-RECYCLABLES are always accepted at the free JoCo drop-off site for household and hazardous waste near Mission (I35/Lamar): 5901 Jim Bills Road, Mission KS
    (Note: appointment through required)
    This includes grocery receipts, paper towels, paper plates, coffee cups, egg cartons [all made of too-low grade paper], food wrappers and chips bags, plastic utensils and other 'unnumbered' plastics, aerosol cans, fluorescent tubes/lights, alkaline batteries.