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Name: Bel-Air Heights Home Owners
    Association (not-for-profit)
Mail: Post Office Box 6072
Address: Overland Park,
    KS 66206-0072

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HOA is a member of the Overland Park Neighborhood Conservation Association
Board of Directors - The Bel-Air Heights Homeowners Association Board of Directors shall have the powers and duties necessary for the administration of the affairs of the Association. The Executive Board will act in accordance with the Bel-Air Heights Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and the Bylaws to preserve the values, desirability and attractiveness of the real property in Bel-Air Heights and for the continued maintenance and operation of the common areas. The Bel-Air Heights Executive Board consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. (Note that the Treasurer position is currently vacant and filled temporarily by another Board member.)
President Rick Jarrold 913-381-1543
Vice-President Terry Lodge 937-776-4657
Secretary Jakob Waterborg 913-649-2223
Member at-large
   Assistant Webmaster
Mathew Akers 913-526-7024
Member at-large Doug Brown 913-381-5503
Member at-large Mark Hansen 913-209-3370
Member at-large Andrew Lyman 913-909-2779
Member at-large Carol Wagner 913-383-9357

2017 Annual Meeting
HOA Board HOA By-Laws (revised 6/21/2016)
Bel-Air Heights subdivision Restrictions
Bel-Air Heights HOA Articles of Incorporation
Kansas HOA Bill Of Rights Kansas Statute