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This page allows you to tell the HOA Board or your neighbors about any problems, about your ideas for action or just to give feedback on how we are doing.
To limit this page to Bel-Air Heights neighborhood use, we ask for your email address but it will not be shown!   If your email is on-file, your information is processed and immediately posted below, if that is what you select.   If your email is unknown, we'll verify your identity by an automatic email before a message is posted or submitted to the Board.
At this time the Social Committee asks:
Give us your suggestion for a neighborhood social activity for 2016 and beyond.
FYI: we have done pancake breakfasts, family game night and street meets (see pictures)

I want to provide feedback or give my suggestion for Posting on this page or for Submission to the Board:
  Feedback submission can include requests for editing or removal of any posting below.

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